Blogger or WordPress

Well I know it is a bit confusing when it comes to blogging for first time. After reading many articles I started my first blog in Blogger. I had many fights in my mind whether to choose Blogger, or I will discuss the differences in a short while.

But let me ask you 2 questions before that.

1. Are you sure you want to blog ? 

    I know stupid question but are you really sure to love it all lifetime?

2. Decided on what you want to blog?  

   This is what which defines whether you will be successful or not because anything which you want to blog about should be your passion where you can put up things on weekly basis if not daily.

Well if you really want help people by writing on a long term basis definitely I would say to opt for wordpress. 

Now there is a difference between and WordPress .org.

WordPress is the free platform where you can start your blog but you cannot customise it wholly and you cannot put ads or earn anything here. WordPress will put ads on your blog on their own and you are not a part of it.

It is also free but you will need your domain name and a hosting service. 

A domain name will cost you around 5-10$.

Hosting service which connects your blog to internet will take 3-6$ monthly.

Most of the successful blogs uses to 

If your blog is doing well in and you decide to shift to your own domain with customisable themes, monetisable  blog , your own hosting to then you can do it anytime but that incures a cost.

Site redirect: 13$ per year per blog

Premium themes: From 20$ to individual to 120$ for unlimited ones

Self Hosted 130$ per blog.

So I would suggest you to get into if you know you want to build your own blog and make it a success.


Blogger on the other hand is powered by Google and it is a free platform for blogging same as but here you can add few affiliate links to make you earn something. You can also add google adsense account if you have it or can apply it later when you have atleast 40-50 quality posts in your blog. 

Changing from your free blogger to website:

Yes you can change your free blogger to customisable website and you can buy your domain name from etc. which will cost you around 10$.


Open your blog > basic> publishing> set up a third party url for your blog

Just save it.

New at blogging: 

If you are a new writer and do not know what platform to use then I would suggest you to try with blogger. From blogger also you can change to whenever you wish to with import data command. Or else have your account with which is free to use. 

First know the SEO process, How to build your traffic, how to bring your site in google search then you may change it once you know everything about it.


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