10 sites to sell your photos online

If you love taking decent photos then these sites will help you earn some reward.

1. Shutter Stock : This is one of the most popular site for selling your lovely photographs. Shutterstock has over $300 million to its contributors. Shutterstock will pay you 25-38 cents per image download. There is Demand download where you can earn 1.88$ per download and there is also a feature called Enhanced download where you will be paid 28$ per Enhanced licensed download. To become a contributor click here.

2. Dreamstime: You can earn 25-60% from per sale you make. From the World’s Largest community in stock photos.

3. Crestock : You can have a free account and earn royalty 20% to 40 %. You will have all your queries answered in How to Sell FAQ section. You can also become an affiliate member with your account.

4. Fotolia : Here you receive between 20% to 63% of the sale price. Here you can showcase your photos to 4 million image buyers.

5. Photoshelter : Here you can set your own price and unlimited price lists for different clients. Well that is a good thing indeed  to able to set your own price 🙂

6. Smugmug: You can showcase your photos in  beautiful way and also have an option to sell them as well. Here you earn a royalty rate of 85% by setting your own price. 

7. Alamy: It is very easy to submit and they will pay you 50% of every sale. 

8. Zenfolio: It is your own photo portfolio website where you can have free trial for 14 days and it is charged 30$ per year to display and share your photos and 140$ per year to run your photography business. Yes it is for professional photographers.

9. I-Stock-Photo: Joining is free and you will receive a royalty rate of 15% of each image downloaded. If you become an exclusive contributor you can earn up to 45%. Join here.

10. 123RF: The royalty rate here depends on how much photos you submit regularly and in that way it may reach 30% to 60%. 


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